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2 movers for only $60 per hour

Our promise to you

  1. We will always be on time, everytime
  2. Each item will be handled with utmost care
  3. We will work quickly and efficiently, giving you the most value for your money

“I have had to move a few times and have always used Aaron and Russell. I am quick to think of them for any moving service that I need. They are very careful and courteous while moving. I have very nice heavy wood furniture and everything was moved and put in place with no damage. I highly recommend using them; super cute great team!”


“I am a single gal with a 3 story row home. I was relocating to the Seattle area from Hillsboro, Or. I was totally scared about my move not knowing anyone to help me out and my place was a mess as far as all my belongings. My sister had just moved and she said you have to give Aaron and Russell a call they will totally take care of you!!!
They did!! Polite, clean-cut, HONEST, they were like family after 10 min of knowing them!! Extremely hard working, they never stopped the 4 1/2 hours they were at my place and had a smile every time I ran into them.. The care they took on my pieces of furniture was top notch, no dings, nothing was scratched, no glass is broken!! When I got the truck up to Seattle the guys who help me unload were super impressed on the packing job of the truck.
Aaron and Russell were a joy to have pack up my place!!!! They were AMAZING!!! Highly,Highly recommend these two!!!!!!"


Our Services

We specialize in handling every item with utmost care and getting everything to your new location in the same shape as when it left.
As our most popular service, we load and unload any or all items in your home or business,. We specialize in transporting valuable items from location to location at a very reasonable price.
Piano or pool table? No problem! We can handle these too. Please let us know what heavy items you have so we can make sure our estimate reflects your cost accurately.
All services are $60/hr

Time Estimates:

2hrs1 bedroom/600 sq ft.
3-5hrs2 bedrooms/approx 800 sq ft.
5-7hrs3 bedrooms/1000-1200 sq ft.
8-10hrs4 bedrooms/1500+ sq ft.